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den Motor abwürgen bei Vollgas - Thumbnail von saxonette519036631 saxonette519036631 - 21.03.13 09:13 Uhr Klicks:59
Mit neues 102 oktan und Castol Power1 2T öl, 20ml/ltr,
und alles alt Benzin erst aufgezehrt (zum Anhalten),
das Öl geht unter das Benzin (schwerer)
und direkt zum Vergaser.


Entrümpeln die Kraftstoffleitung. Und..
Trennen das Luftfilter, elektro-box, und denn der Vergaser.

Symptome: Abwürgen im Leerlauf, wie es vorher war.
Abwürgen bei voller Gas auch.


Ah okay so now after my bad german I will attempt english:
The motor ran however had a tendency to stall at low RPM idle. 'Cheating' by tightening the idle cable worked 'ok'.
Then all the gas was run-out completely, the motor naturally stalled.
I could see the filter was empty.
I brought it to a gas station and filled it with 102 octane gas.
Then I added the oil to the tank - bad idea. The oil went directly to the bottom of the tank, and into the fuel line.
So I then proceeded to disconnect the line from the carborator, and blow the line backwards, to force the oil back into the tank. Petrol everywhere!
but the line was cleared :)

I removed the air filter, blue ignition box, then the plate and then the carborator. I opened the carborator and did the routine Herbert posted on Youtube; checking the float, the plastic filter cap, removing that and running a fine copper wire up through the centre.

Continuing on the journey, it will now stall at full throttle (new). And continues to run poorly at idle.

Ideas? Auf deutsch auch, bitte. Danke.
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